Private Study and Writing Coaching

I enjoy doing private writing coaching with non-fiction and fiction writers. I work with dozens of writers each year on various projects and typically customize a program with each writer to help in a variety of ways including finishing a full draft, editing an existing draft, and generating new material. I can do close line-edits and work on structure and mechanics, in addition to broader overview readings of manuscripts to offer advice on final revisions before manuscript gets sent out to agents and editors. Several of my private students have gone on to sell their book manuscripts and to publish.


I teach ongoing private writing workshops for small groups: one-time workshops for groups of interested writers or teachers, or extended workshops that meet over the course of weeks or months.

I also lead week-long summer workshops at Spannochia Farm in Tuscany, Italy.

To learn more about my next private group workshops or my writing coaching, please contact me via my email at, and read below about what past students have to say.

Student Testimonials

“Susan is a fabulous teacher and workshop leader. She creates a safe environment for writers to take risks with their work. She not only taught us craft elements but had us apply those elements with short prompts that enabled us to stretch and grow as writers. I highly recommend Susan’s classes and I can’t wait to take another!”

— Pam Dutton

“Susan is a master teacher and wears it like silk. She draws on culturally diverse literature that illustrates the various elements of craft she teaches. In my latest course with Susan, I was particularly interested in revising the structure of an essay and ‘tried on’ Susan’s teachings on ‘place’ and ‘braiding’, an exciting development for me. She is always encouraging and generous in witnessing what works in our writing, and in offering incisive changes to make it stronger.”

— Thandiwe Dee Watts-Jones

“Susan is not only a talented writer, but also an extraordinary teacher—two things that do not always go hand in hand. Even over Zoom, Susan managed to create a sense of trust and camaraderie in the class almost immediately. Her encouragement has changed the way I think about myself as a writer.”

— Mary Weatherup

“I have learned so much about my writing after attending two of Susan's workshops. Besides learning to be a better writer, the group dynamics and bonding--even in a Zoom course--were so exhilarating. I have author friends all over the country now and we share our writing with each because of the long lasting supportive and encouraging environment that Susan created for us.”

— Wendy Toole

“Susan has a remarkable capacity to create an intimate multi-genre workshop space that encourages exploration and risk. I've had the experience of working through blocks to a third draft of a novel under Susan's guidance and can't recommend her highly enough.”

— Emily Bernhard

“Susan Conley is an exceptional writing teacher. She curates extraordinary workshops filled with inspiration. I especially appreciate her ability to gather together fascinating people.”

— Lisa Hallee

“In addition to filling my writer’s toolbox, Susan’s workshop inspired me to write – more and more and more. Trust her and you will learn to trust your own writer’s voice. You will make an exponential leap in understanding good writing. And then you will write.”

— Alice Senko

“I am not an experienced writer, and these beautifully facilitated workshops created an environment of trust and sharing amongst participants, bringing out the best in all of us.”

— Stewart Murchie

“Susan Conley is a generous and supportive teacher. She challenged me and helped me be a better writer. If you are thinking about taking her class—don't hesitate!”

— Jean McGowan